October 19, 2012
true say … it’s not a bad time at all, being me

true say … it’s not a bad time at all, being me

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September 6, 2012

Quitting smoking destroys digestive system

Quitting smoking recently has destroyed my formerly cast-iron constitution. I’ve been sticking to mostly cooked veg food and juice or soup. Sugars, fats and processed foods have all harpooned me several times over the last few weeks. I drink a lot of ginger tea as well.

Although my head is mostly clear, my body feels permanently jetlagged - it cycles through bloat, constipation, nausea and occasionally segues into diarrhea. I also passed through an awful phase when my gums and throat were smelling bad, but fortunately they have chilled out - it’s just my GI now that has some issues..

I googled “Quick smoking digestion” and found the following extremely instructive thread.

If you have or have an interest in quitting smoking - read the following - it’s a true story, and well told. The precis I gleaned was
1. Laxatives are good, especially nightly ones
2. Cleanses are good
3. Raw veggies can be really bad, cooked veggies are the correct thing to eat
4. Sugar is bad
5. Cut your caloric consumption by about 30-50 % and still expect a certain amount of inflammation / weight gain / bloat
6. Don’t overdo the fruit
7. A few months of indigestion is standard for longtime smokers, 6 mos - year of uneasiness is not unusual, some people are still complaining at I think the maximum I saw was 24 months, and some people have just become more delicate for life
8. Smoking is dehydrating and supresses thirst - drink lots of water and fluids
9. Load up on vitamins and minerals

Useful new knowledge:
1. Dysautonomia is any disorder related to the autonomous nervouces system
2. Gastroparensis is a disorder caused by damage to the vagus nerve - mostly your GI loses sensory capabilities and this condition can be a real mess

September 4, 2012
if only this could be LA!

if only this could be LA!

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